Umbra of Newburgh Soundstages

Umbra of Newburgh is a state of the art soundstage dedicated to providing the best tools and experience for film and video productions.

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Sound Stage 1

Stage 1 stands large at 16,000 sq.ft. and features our infinite white cyc wall. Prefect for commercials or for visual effects when painted green or blue.

Our power boxes are centrally located to minimize the amount of cables throughout the stage, allowing for a quicker workflow.

You’ll instantly notice our overhead grid capable of holding several tons of lighting equipment.

All of our stages are properly cooled through our central a/c systems, allowing for a comfortable working experience.

Umbra Aerial View

Umbra Main Floor Plan

Umbra Site Plan Details

Umbra Building Section

Umbra Site Plan

Umbra Mezzanine Scheme 1

Umbra of Newburgh, LLC.
9 Scobie Drive, Newburgh
New York USA

Telephone: +1 855 536 6973
Local Phone: 845 569 9071
FAX: +1 845 569 9063