Umbra of Newburgh Soundstages

Umbra of Newburgh is a state of the art soundstage dedicated to providing the best tools and experience for film and video productions.

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Conveniently located 50 miles from New York City, Umbra of Newburgh is right in the middle of the Hudson Valley, an area filled with amazing locations to film in. One of the great benefits of being located in the North East, is seeing the transformation the area goes through depending on the season, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful location than the Hudson Valley in the Fall, followed by amazing cloud-like landscapes in the winter, or when the area comes back to life once again in the Spring and Summer.

Within minutes of our stages, you’ll find quaint little towns, suburban areas, manufacturing, prisons, as well as the prestigious Military Academy, West Point.

Our centrally located soundstage is perfectly located in the Newburgh area, providing prefect transportation options for crews coming up from the city, while also growing the film industry in the area and taping local talent and cutting down on their commuting times.


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Umbra of Newburgh, LLC.
9 Scobie Drive, Newburgh
New York USA

Telephone: +1 855 536 6973
Local Phone: 845 569 9071
FAX: +1 845 569 9063