Umbra of Newburgh Soundstages

Umbra of Newburgh is a state of the art soundstage dedicated to providing the best tools and experience for film and video productions.


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Aero Mock-Ups Standing Airline Set at Umbra

Aero Mock-Ups has supplied realistic and camera-ready cockpits and aircraft cabin interiors to the entertainment  industry since 1988. Aero Mock-Ups’ newest airline interior set is now located at Umbra of Newburgh Soundstage in Newburgh, NY.

This 62′ wide-body (2 aisles) standing set consists of a cockpit door and wall, a 16′ forward service area, 31′ passenger cabin with either your choice of 5 rows of 2-1-2 across first-class seating, or 10 rows of 2-3-2 coach class seating, and a 15′ rear service area.

For more information on Newburgh’s standing set, please contact Richard Chan at Aero Mock-Ups at 1-888-662-5877. Please click here to visit Aero Mock-Ups’ website.

NS Coach class - e NS - 7ft wild - Port

NS - Coach Star wild NS - First class - e

NS - First class a - e NS - Star side wild

NS Center Svc area NS Center Galley


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